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Live Summer Weekend Virtual Meditation Retreat

  • 23 Jul 2021
  • 8:00 PM
  • 25 Jul 2021
  • 5:00 PM
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Awakening to Our Inner Buddha:
Dzogchen View, Meditation, Action and Integration

Welcome the beauty and splendor of summer by joining Lama Surya Das
on a
heart opening and mind-nourishing weekend journey of spiritual exploration
and self-inquiry. Discover the timeless wisdom tradition teachings from the
Buddhist tradition, passed down through generations of lineage teachers
for over 14
centuries. These pithy experiential instructions nakedly reveal the
innate freedom of being, allowing us to
re-align and center in the ever-present moment thru cultivating nowness-awareness in the practice of Presencing,
 basking in the radiant, spacious expanse of lucid awakefulness
through every circumstance and condition.

“Carrying your own atmosphere with you wherever you go.”

Our weekend retreat will offer Lama’s direct teachings and potent transmissions, as well as guided meditation, tips & pointers for deepening your meditation, yoga and refuge sessions, breakout groups, and ample Q & A
US Eastern Time ~ EDT

You will:

  • discover your potential in dealing with and eliminating long relied on defense mechanisms and loosen the self-imposed limitations of unfulfilling habitual patterns.
  • rediscover your true authenticity and recognize your innate luminous nature, known in Tibetan as the Clear Light of reality.
  • recognize and awaken to the Inner Buddha in your seat, in your life,  who is often overlooked and forgotten.
  • find your original goodness,  uncorruptible innocence,  spiritual purity and infinite potential.
  • ignite the inner radiance and discover how to integrate its healing and empowering uniqueness into daily life.
  • learn to let go and let be, lighten up and enlighten up beyond taking yourself too seriously on the sacred path of mindful living.

We invite you to join Dzogchen lineage holder, best-selling author and spiritual activist Lama Surya Das, for a virtual weekend of awakening. This is a joyful opportunity to open your heart and mind to these precious Dzogchen teachings and essential and practical pith instructions.

All levels of meditators are welcome!

As an authorized teacher, Lama Surya has shared Dzogchen teachings and practices for over 40 years, dedicating his life to this transmission for all practitioners from many different spiritual traditions. His light and lively approach has been deemed "fully accessible" by millions of meditators, of all levels

Lama Surya gently requests that Noble Silence  be observed from Friday evening through Sunday afternoon. Honoring this sacred and ancient practice allows us a tranquil container to explore the mind and deepen our experience to its fullest. 

Registration does not include compensation for the teacher, which will be accepted in the traditional form of dana (voluntary donation) in honor of the teachings.

If you require financial assistance, please contact:
Kathleen Albanese - kathleen@surya.org

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